1882 – 1953
Sky, Palgrave
23.5" x 21.5"

“Sky, Palgrave” is a visual depiction of Palgrave, a town in Ontario, where Milne spent three years in the 1930s. His stay in Palgrave was a much needed break from his broken marriage and Depression-stricken finances. This painting is one of over two-hundred pieces painted during his time there, and looks back on it with serene feelings. The softly-coloured sky embodies an aura of tranquility. Milne is known for using values to paint major points of the landscape, using colour only as accents. This painting is an example of this, making great use of Milne’s signature style. The sky takes up the majority of the painting, while the actual landscape occupies only a small portion at the bottom. This approach captures the vastness of the sky and communicates how small we really are in the world.